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News Updates: Ashiana Housing Scheme Last date to submit application October 15,2011.......The site is under construction:-    Census is in progress in District Sahiwal

Message from DCO Sahiwal:

               It gives me immense pleasure to formally introduce you to the official web site of  District Government Sahiwal.

            Primary objectives of the website are to disseminate information on relevant policies, programs, projects and action plans of District Government, elicit public response and pave way for establishing an effective e-government infrastructure. The website, inter-alia, provides an overview of organizational structure, development activities, mega projects, ongoing recruitment/procurements, history, personalities and places to travel. Furthermore, a complaint management system is being developed, to prevent  public  from the inconvenience of visiting offices in person, for redress of their grievances.

             The website is subject to iterative development and public feedback shall be appreciated for constant content management and up gradation.

With Regards

Zulifqar Ahmad Ghumman | DCO, Sahiwal


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Punjab, Pakistan







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Chichawatni, Sahiwal

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Patwar Circles:




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Overview Of Major Activities:

Mera Sahiwal:   click here


Effectiveness Partnership/ Initiative to Check and Minimize Corruption and Public Complaint Redressal System:


            aa  Punjab Government has launched a comprehensive plan to eradicate corruption

from  society and Sahiwal has been chosen as a pilot project.

The Holding of Kuli Ketchery By DCO For Rederssal of Grievances

Schedule :-

Daily( Except Saturday) at DCO Committee Room : 11:00 a.m to 12:00P.M

At Tehsil Chichawatni Every Saturday from 10:00 am to 12:00PM




            The District Coordination Officer, Zulfiqar Ahmad Ghuman listing the Complaints of General Public and directing concerned Officers for Complaisance, All Heads of District Departments are directed to be present at Kuli Ketchery so that the quick Rederssal may possible.

World's Anti-Corruption Day (9th December, 2011)

      The complaints related to anti corruption establishment will be forwarded within no time

for timely redressal of the problem.

      The complaints can be submitted through SMS on following Mobile Numbers:

             1. Director General Anti Corruption  Punjab:   0334-9211178

             2. Commissioner Sahiwal Division, Sahiwal:   0334-7966000

             3. Director Anti Corruption, Multan:                  0333-6192200

             3. District Coordination Officer, Sahiwal:         0334-9562300

             4. Deputy Director Anti Corruption, Sahiwal:   0336-6930939

 DCO Complaint Cell, Sahiwal:

An e-governance initiative of District Government Sahiwal

             The main features of DCO Complaint Cell established in District Government Complex, District Courts Sahiwal is as under:

             1. All types of complaints can be submitted from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM on the Phone

                 Numbers 040-9200072 and 040-9200073

             2. All Patwaris will remain in their offices from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

             3. Complaints can also be submitted through email

                 and queries on facebook

 DCO's Open Court , Sahiwal:

            DCO, Sahiwal holds open court daily at 11:00 AM in DCO Committee Room to redress

the public complaints on the spot.

            All EDOs and concerned officers will remain present at the time of Open Court

District Government & Minorities:


            DCO Sahiwal took a keen interest to facilitate the minorities in District Sahiwal. In this regard a meeting of District Emergency Board was held under chairmanship of DCO, Sahiwal and chair paid attention to taking necessary measures to facilitate the Christian Community to celebrate the Christmas function. DCO Sahiwal also attended a dinner & cut Christmas cake at Church to give the minority community goodwill gesture by the District Government.

Ashiana Housing Scheme, Sahiwal:

Low-cost housing scheme, the dream of low-income people of having their own houses with all basic amenities:

 Sasta Model Bazar Sahiwal:      

 Computerized Balloting Of Yellow Cab Scheme:  A revolutionary step of the Punjab government for: 

List of Eligible Candidates of District Sahiwal :  

1. Tehsil Chichawatni   Click Here:  a) Bolan     b) Mehran    

2. Tehsil Sahiwal:         Click Here:  a) Bolan     b) Mehran    

 Punjab Model: Proactive Governance:

Use of Information Technology to root out Corruption & to improve service delivery

         The Punjab Model for Proactive Governance is a special initiative by the Chief Minister�s Secretariat to fight petty corruption, improve service delivery, and facilitate citizen engagement by proactively seeking through SMS and calls feedback of citizens who receive day-to-day government services. (Read more)

          The Project is successfully operational in District Sahiwal  and active in following Departments:

                 1. Revenue  through online

                 2. Health  through SMS

                 3. Education through SMS


 Special Campaign against Adulteration

 Price Control Mechanism of essential items and against Violators

 Rehabilitation of Sports Activities / Facilities

 Plantation on Road Sides and Canal Banks


Visitors: size=25

 Commissioner Sahiwal Division Sahiwal













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